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The lottery entry timeFthe lottery will be open at 13:00 and be closed at 14:00 (Japan Standard Time) on Saturday, April 1st, 2017.
Shipping ratesFDomestic - 500yen
@@@@@@@ International - The actual shipping rates (EMS) will be charged additionally
Payment methodFDomestic - You can pay via Risona bank deposit transfer, or via Paypal (Buyers pay for the Paypal fee.)
@@@@@@@@ International - via Paypal (Buyers pay for the Paypal fee)
Payment dueF7th of April, 2017 (Japan Date)


If you want to enter the lottery to get the chance of buying a dress set, E-MAIL me at:
during the lottery entry time 13:00~14:00 (Japan Standard Time), on Saturday, April 1st, 2017.

The e-mail title must be written exactly same as below.
uMadame LALA@v <- Replace with your full name

In the e-mail, copy-paste the entry form below and fill out the form and send me the e-mail.
Name: iPayment must be made by the same name you wrote in the entry formj
E-mail Address :
Phone Number :
Shipping Address :

The lottery entry e-mail arrives before and after lottery entry time will be excluded from the lottery.
The title of the lottery e-mail must be written exactly same as I mentioned.
uMadame LALA@v <- Replace with your full name
The purchase limit is one set per address and family.
ex) If two individuals shares the same address enter the lottery, then the lottery number will be given just once because the lottery rules are one number per address/family.
You can enter only once in this lottery. Even if you send multiple e-mails to maximize your chance, you will be given just one lottery number.
If any of these four items in the following brackets (name, e-mail address, phone number, shipping address) are used once in a lottery entry, then it cannot be used again in another lottery entry. If found, it will become null and void.
Only the lottery winners will be notified via e-mail.
Please note that if your payment is not confirmed before the payment due date without my consent in advance, then I will cancel your order. I hope your understanding.

LALA puppenhaus Doll Dress Set
wMadame LALAx

wMadame LALAx
Quantity available : 24 sets
price : 16,800yen
The dress set includes :
One piece dress
Clutch with tassel
Flower bouquet
Long gloves
Bow pin
Dress Design by SIESTE
Dress Sewing & Pattern by Higuchi
Miniatures by SIESTE

This dress set will be available for sale again in the near future.